This Time in Our Lives: Embracing or Enduring?

I’m Mary Hanson, and this corner of the internet is a home for our shared journey. I am pleased you have found your way here.

My website will diverge into many topics, some yet unknown to me! So far, my greatest interest is promoting women’s and girls’ equal opportunity in church, family, and community. This topic is close to my heart, one that emerged in maturity when I chose to silence the voices that declared certain paths “off-limits to women.” We undertake this journey together, embracing the rich tapestry of our shared Christian faith.

An additional audience is professionals in ministry: counselors, pastors, and chaplains who work with women in the adjustments necessary with aging . . . face the reality, we are all getting older! Considering that half the population is born female, the sad fact of life is that after age 70, the numbers quickly tip in favor of older women still enjoying good health. Most hours of ministry will be spent with women. Church pews are filled with a majority of women of a certain age. I address the issues, cares, and lives of this generation of women: regrets, loneliness, health, and fears. But, life does not turn entirely negative. I hope to offer encouragement, understanding, and the beauty of discovering that in the later chapters of life, our stories are far from over. Much fun and adventure await us, so our mature selves rise to the years! Age brings wisdom to share.

Thank you for allowing me to share my thoughts, experiences, and the musings of a heart that believes in embracing all women’s potential. Together, let’s continue weaving this—one that celebrates the strength, wisdom, and enduring beauty of every woman.

With heartfelt gratitude and excitement for the journey ahead,

But this is not just my journey; it’s ours.

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