Lights Of the Word

Lights of the Word                                                  July 2005

Warmth of the sun

Lit by the Mighty One.

Fanned the flame of life,

The first day had begun.

Glow of the moon,

Brings freshness of the dew.

The weary now asleep,

Will one day rise and rule.

Light of a star,

              Brought wise men from afar.

Word made earthly flesh,

              Joy in a world of dark.

Flame of the Spirit,

              Whisper to us hope.

Lend your light to lead us,

              Guide us where we go.

Lights of the world!

              Flame and star and sun.

Spread your joy and rest and hope.

              Over dark the light has won.

Lights of the Word!

              Creator, Spirit, Son.

Still the flame lights on the heads,

              Of daughters and of sons!

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