Mary Asks More/ First Question


March 25, 2021

With everything else going on in the world, take a moment to note March 25, the traditional day the Angel Gabriel appeared to Mary. Her words: Luke 1:38 “Be it unto me according to your will.” She asked questions; she consented.

A furious flame of unearthly glow
Tore through the morning gloom.
I froze in horror that Nazareth dawn.
Mortified what misfortune shall befall me?
Ave Maria, yours is adoration and glory.
Forevermore you are favored by God.”
The Christ shall enter the world through you.
By your womb our God becomes mortal.”
 “But shouldn’t I know more?” I implored.
To be untrue, I abhor the thought.
I said yes to Joseph moreover I love him.
How can I say yes to the child of another?
I hear the wrath and fear the stones.
The shame to be shorn and called a whore.
Choruses of ridicule and scorn await me.
In a torrent of worry I prayed for fortitude.
“Fear not” I heard, “And how shall this be?”
Gloria in excelsis I murmured in consent.     
Tremors tore to the core of my soul.
A corporeal shudder left me transformed.
Reinforce my resolve, support me through.
I nourish the flesh of God in my body.

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